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Ramon Almela

Ramon M. Almela

Assistant Professor

hellen amtrix amuguni

Janetrix Hellen Amuguni

Associate Professor

Agustina Anson Fernandez

Assistant Professor, Diagnostic Imaging

Sawket Anwer

M. Sawkat Anwer

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Sandra Ayres

Sandra Ayres

Assistant Professor, Anatomy; Reproductive Biology

Perry J. Bain

Assistant Professor, Clinical Pathology

Trinita Barboz, DVM, Zoological Companion Animal Medicine Specialist in Exotics

Trinita Barboza

Assistant Professor, Zoological Companion Animal Medicine

Daniela Bedenice

Associate Professor, Residency Director, Respiratory Physiology, Large Animal Medicine

Jerold Bell

Adjunct Professor, Clinical Genetics

Alexia Berg

Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

R. John Berg

Professor Emeritus

Chery Blaze, Foster Hospital Medical Director, posing for a headshot

Cheryl Blaze

Hospital Director, Associate Professor Emerita

Lauren C. Bookbinder

Clinical Assistant Professor, Large Animal Internal Medicine and General Practice

Stephanie Borns-Weil

Clinical Assistant Professor, Animal Behavior

Randy J. Boudrieau

Professor Emeritus

Robert S. Bridges

Professor Emeritus, Section of Neuroscience and Reproductive Biology

Roderick T. Bronson

Professor, Pathology, Markers of Aging

Kirstin Bubeck

Clinical Assistant Professor, Large Animal Surgery and Sports Medicine

Emmauelle Butty posing for a head shot

Emmanuelle Butty

Urology/Nephrology Fellow, Small Animal Internal Medicine

Elizabeth McCone Byrnes

Professor & Associate Chair, Neuroscience

Katherine Chope

Clinical Assistant Professor

Francisco O. Conrado

Assistant Professor, Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Lilian Cornejo

Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine

Susan Cotter

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Elena Cox posing for a picture

Elena Cox

Shalin Liu Fellow, Wildlife Medicine and Education

Alastair Cribb: Dean of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, poses for a portrait

Alastair Cribb

Dean, Henry and Lois Foster Professor

Suzanne Cunningham poses for a portrait

Suzanne Cunningham

Associate Professor, Cardiology

Akram Da'darah

Akram Da'darah

Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases

Armelle M. de Laforcade

Associate Professor, Emergency and Critical Care, Coagulation

Ian DeStefano

Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

Nicholas H. Dodman

Professor Emeritus

Arthur Donohue-Rolfe

Associate Professor Emeritus, Infectious Disease, Microbial Pathogenesis

Larry Engelking

Professor Emeritus, Molecular Physiology and Pharmacology

Dominik Faissler

Associate Professor, Neurology and Neurosurgery

Claire L. Fellman

Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine (Small Animal) / Clinical Pharmacology

Nick Frank

Nicholas Frank

Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Large Animal Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Obesity, and Laminitis

Lisa Freeman

Professor, Clinical Nutrition

Jose Garcia Lopez

José M. García-López

Associate Professor Large Animal Surgery, Director of Equine Sports Medicine

Heather L. Gardner

Assistant Research Professor, Medical Oncology, Clinical Trials

Rachael Gately

Clinical Assistant Professor, Small Ruminant Medicine

Meera S. Gatlin

Clinical Assistant Professor , Public Health

Heidi Goethert

Research Assistant Professor, Vector-borne Infections, Disease ecology

Carlos M. Gradil

Reproductive Consultant in Theriogenology/Reproduction

Jennifer L. Grady

Clinical Assistant Professor, Shelter Medicine

Jennifer Graham

Associate Professor, Director Zoological Companion Animal Medicine

Alisha Gruntman posing for portrait

Alisha M. Gruntman

Assistant Professor, Large Animal Internal Medicine

David Hernke posing for a portrait

David M. Hernke

Clinical Assistant Professor, Dairy Production Medicine, General Surgery

Ariana Boltax headshot

Ariana Hinckley-Boltax

Assistant Professor, Clinical Skills

Richard M. Jakowski

Associate Professor Emeritus, Pathology

Thomas Jenei posing for a portrait

Thomas M. Jenei

Clinical Associate Professor, Hospital Director, HLA, Large Animal Surgery

Alicia Z. Karas

Assistant Professor, Animal Welfare

Emily Karlin posing for a portrait

Emily Tompkins Karlin

Assistant Professor, Cardiology

Mike Karlin posing for a portrait

W. Michael Karlin

Assistant Professor

Erin King posing for a portrait

Erin King-Podzaline

Clinical Assistant Professor

Ryan King posing for a portrait

Ryan G.P. King

Clinical Assistant Professor, Diagnostic Imaging, Interventional Radiology

Carl A. Kirker-Head

Professor, Marilyn M. Simpson Professor, Director, Orthopedic Research Laboratory

Joyce S. Knoll

Associate Professor, Director of Anatomic Pathology

Deborah Kochevar posing for a portrait

Deborah T. Kochevar

Professor, Dean Emerita

Raymond Kudej posing for a portrait

Raymond K. Kudej


Mary Labato posing for a picture

Mary Labato

Clinical Professor

David Lee-Parritz

Clinical Professor, Director, Laboratory Animal Medicine Service

Sangun Lee

Research Assistant Professor

Deborah E. Linder

Research Assistant Professor

Cheryl London

Research Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, Anne Engen and Dusty Professorship in Comparative Oncology, Medical Oncology, Clinical Trials

Jennifer Mahoney, Associate Clinical Professor, Medical Oncology, posing for a headshot

Jennifer Mahoney

Clinical Associate Professor, Medical Oncology

Orla Mahony

Clinical Assistant Professor

Sean B. Majoy

Clinical Assistant Professor

Phyllis E. Mann

Associate Professor, Anatomy; Neuroscience

Jeffrey Mariner

Research Professor

Ruth Marrion headshot

Ruth Marrion

Teaching Affiliate, Ophthalmology

No photo available

Elizabeth Martin

Clinical Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

Amanda Martinot posing for portrait

Amanda Jezek Martinot

Assistant Professor

David J. Matsas

Assistant Professor, Interim Department Chair

Melissa Mazan


Robert McCarthy

Clinical Associate Professor

Emily McCobb

Clinical Associate Professor, Director, Shelter and Community Medicine, Assistant Director, Center for Animals and Public Policy

head shot image of Ekaterina Mendoza-Kuznetsova

Ekaterina Mendoza-Kuznetsova

Clinical Assistant Professor

Megan Mueller posing with her arms crossed and standing in front of Pine Trees

Megan Kiely Mueller

Associate Professor, Elizabeth Arnold Stevens Junior Professor, Senior Fellow, Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life, Co-Director Tufts Institute for Human-Animal Interaction

Maureen Murray

Maureen Murray

Clinical Assistant Professor

Yuki Nakayama, DVM, Community Medicine poses for headshot

Yuki Nakayama

Assistant Clinical Professor, Community Medicine

Felicia B. Nutter

Assistant Professor

Mary Rose Paradis

Associate Professor Emerita

Elizabeth Parsley posing for a portrait

Elizabeth Parsley

Assistant Professor, Neurology

April L. Paul

Clinical Assistant Professor

Alexandra Pfaff

Clinical Assistant Professor

Mark Pokras

Mark Pokras

Associate Professor Emeritus

Stephanie A. Pumphrey

Assistant Professor

Rebecca Reader

Assistant Professor

Virginia T. Rentko

Clinical Associate Professor

Alison Robbins

Alison H. Robbins

Research Assistant Professor, Assistant Director for MS in Conservation Medicine Program

Marieke Rosenbaum

Marieke H. Rosenbaum

Research Assistant Professor

Linda Ross

Associate Professor Emerita

Steven L. Rowell

Assistant Professor Emeritus

Elizabeth A. Rozanski

Associate Professor

Jonathan A. Runstadler

Professor, Department Chair

John E. Rush


Allen Rutberg

Allen T. Rutberg

Research Associate Professor, Animals and Public Policy; Reproductive Biology

Diafuka Saila-Ngita posing for a headshot picture

Diafuka Saila-Ngita

Research Associate Professor

George Saperstein

George Saperstein

Professor Emeritus

Amy F. Sato

Clinical Associate Professor

Christopher M. Schonhoff

Assistant Professor, Neuroscience, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Rafael Senos

Assistant Professor, Veterinary Anatomy

Leslie C. Sharkey

Professor, Chair, Department of Clinical Sciences

Abhineet Sheoran

Abhineet Sheoran

Associate Professor, Director, Master of Science in Infectious Disease and Global Health

Chuck Shoemaker

Charles Shoemaker


Patrick Skelly posing for a picture

Patrick Skelly

Professor, Associate Chair Department of Infectious Disease and Global Health

Mauricio Solano

Assistant Professor

Adam South

Adam South

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Michael Stone, internal medicine veterinarian, posing for a picture

Michael S. Stone

Clinical Associate Professor

Sam Telford

Sam R. Telford III


Wade A. Tenney

Clinical Assistant Professor

Clare Timothy

Pronouns: she/her/hers​, Clinical Assistant Professor

Flo Tseng

Florina S. Tseng

Professor, Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Climate

Saul Tzipori

Saul Tzipori

Distinguished Professor of Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, Agnes Varis University Chair in Science and Society

Alexandra Uden posing for a portrait outdoors

Alexandra Uden

Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Andrea Varela-Stokes wearing an orange shirt and grey sweater posing for a camera shot

Andrea Varela-Stokes

Professor, Chair

Fair Vassoler

Assistant Professor

Adam J. Ward

Clinical Assistant Professor

Angeline E. Warner

Associate Professor, Respiratory Pathophysiology, Laboratory Animal Medicine

Cynthia R. L. Webster

Professor, Associate Chair of Research

Dr. Lois Wetmore posing for a picture in her blue scrubs

Lois Wetmore

Associate Professor

Eugene C. White

Associate Professor, Amelia Peabody Foundation Chair in Agricultural Sciences, Director Tufts Farm and Tufts Veterinary Field Service

Christopher A. Whittier

Research Assistant Professor

Giovanni F. Widmer


Julia G. Wilkinson

Clinical Assistant Professor

Gregory M. Wolfus

Clinical Associate Professor, Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic

Carrie Wood medical oncologist at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Carrie A. Wood

Clinical Assistant Professor, Medical Oncology

Vicky K. Yang

Associate Professor