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Perry J. Bain

Assistant Professor, Clinical Pathology

Jamie Balducci


Daniela Bedenice

Associate Professor, Residency Director, Respiratory Physiology, Large Animal Medicine

Chery Blaze, Foster Hospital Medical Director, posing for a headshot

Cheryl Blaze

Hospital Director, Associate Professor Emerita

Lauren C. Bookbinder

Clinical Assistant Professor, Large Animal Internal Medicine and General Practice

Kirstin Bubeck

Clinical Assistant Professor, Large Animal Surgery and Sports Medicine

Katherine Chope

Clinical Assistant Professor

Francisco O. Conrado

Assistant Professor, Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Veterinarian Nicole Dowgos posing for a picture

Nicole Dowgos

Resident, Anesthesia

No photo available

Anna Flocken

Resident, Anatomic Pathology

Nick Frank

Nicholas Frank

Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Large Animal Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Obesity, and Laminitis

Jose Garcia Lopez

José M. García-López

Associate Professor Large Animal Surgery, Director of Equine Sports Medicine

Lisa Gibson posing for a portrait

Lisa Gibson

Speciality Intern II, Ophthalmology

Carlos M. Gradil

Reproductive Consultant in Theriogenology/Reproduction

Alisha Gruntman posing for portrait

Alisha M. Gruntman

Assistant Professor, Large Animal Internal Medicine

Lauren Holley posing for a picture outdoors with trees in the background

Lauren C. Holley

Resident, Large Animal Internal Medicine

Thomas Jenei posing for a portrait

Thomas M. Jenei

Clinical Associate Professor, Hospital Director, HLA, Large Animal Surgery

Emily Karlin posing for a portrait

Emily Tompkins Karlin

Assistant Professor, Cardiology

Mike Karlin posing for a portrait

W. Michael Karlin

Assistant Professor

Assaad Khoury

Resident, Large Animal Internal Medicine

Carl A. Kirker-Head

Professor, Marilyn M. Simpson Professor, Director, Orthopedic Research Laboratory

Joyce S. Knoll

Associate Professor, Director of Anatomic Pathology

Jenna Lambert


Mireya Becero Lopez, intern for Tufts Hospital for Large Animals

Mireya Becero Lopez

Specialty Intern, Large Animal Internal Medicine

Lauren MacDonald


Ruth Marrion headshot

Ruth Marrion

Teaching Affiliate, Ophthalmology

Amanda Martinot posing for portrait

Amanda Jezek Martinot

Assistant Professor

Melissa Mazan


Emily McCobb

Clinical Associate Professor, Director, Shelter and Community Medicine, Assistant Director, Center for Animals and Public Policy

head shot image of Ekaterina Mendoza-Kuznetsova

Ekaterina Mendoza-Kuznetsova

Clinical Assistant Professor

Jillian Minuto

Resident, Large Animal Internal Medicine

Thiago Muller posing for a photo

Thiago Rinaldi Muller

Resident, Diagnostic Imaging

Stephanie A. Pumphrey

Assistant Professor

Claire Read posing for a portrait

Claire Read

Intern, Large Animal Surgery

Rebecca Reader

Assistant Professor

Amy F. Sato

Clinical Associate Professor

Leslie C. Sharkey

Professor, Chair, Department of Clinical Sciences

Mauricio Solano

Assistant Professor

Wade A. Tenney

Clinical Assistant Professor

Kristen E. Thane

Postdoctoral Scholar

No photo available

Meghan Wanstrath

Resident, Large Animal Surgery

Dr. Lois Wetmore posing for a picture in her blue scrubs

Lois Wetmore

Associate Professor

No photo available

Javier Zarate

Resident, Anatomic Pathology