Other Areas of Research

Other Areas of Research

Mutant Mouse pathology

  • Roderick T. Bronson

    Roderick T. Bronson
    Pathology, Markers of Aging

Humoral response to vaccination

  • Daniela Bedenice

    Daniela Bedenice
    Respiratory Physiology, Large Animal Medicine

Nuclear scintigraphy, clinical diagnostic imaging, marine animal imaging

  • Mauricio Solano

    Mauricio Solano
    Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine

MRI and CT imaging

  • James Sutherland-Smith

    James Sutherland-Smith
    Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging

Blood products; hemoglobin replacement

  • Virginia T Rentko

    Virginia T Rentko

Small Animal Medicine clinical research, infectious tick-borne diseases such as borreliosis, anaplasmosis

  • Michael S. Stone

    Michael S. Stone
    Internal Medicine, Small Animal Medicine

Zoonotic diseases in exotic species (Encephalitozoon cuniculi), blood transfusion, clinical research with exotic animals

  • Jennifer Graham

    Jennifer Graham
    Zoological Companion Animal Medicine

Nutrition and heart disease, cachexia and sarcopenia, critical care nutrition

  • Lisa Freeman

    Lisa Freeman
    Clinical Nutrition