International, Wildlife and Conservation Medicine

International, Wildlife and Conservation Medicine

Coastal Ecology and Zoonotic Pathogens in Marine Animals

  • Julie Ellis

    Julie Ellis
    Ecology of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Antibiotic Resistance in Wildlife

SEANET; Loons; Environmental Contaminants

  • Mark Pokras

    Mark Pokras
    Associate Professor Emeritus

Control of wild animal populations using immunocontraceptive vaccines

  • Allen T Rutberg

    Allen T Rutberg
    Fertility Control for Wildlife, Urban Wildlife Conflict

Sustainable livestock agriculture; Germplasm collection from endangered breeds of livestock

  • George Saperstein

    George Saperstein
    Professor Emeritus

SEANET; Petroleum Toxicity; Wildlife Analgesia

  • Florina S. Tseng

    Florina S. Tseng
    Wildlife Medicine and Surgery, Seabird Biology, Oil Spill Response