Infectious Diseases: Genetics and Genomics

Infectious Diseases: Genetics and Genomics

Cryptosporidium genome sequencing

  • Saul Tzipori

    Saul Tzipori
    Infectious Disease, Enteric Infections and Host Response

Comparative genomics of Cryptosporidium species

  • Giovanni F. Widmer

    Giovanni F. Widmer
    Molecular Biology of Protozoan Parasites, Microbial Pathogenesis

Helminth parasite genomics

  • Charles Shoemaker

    Charles Shoemaker
    Development and application of therapeutic biomolecules, novel antitoxin therapeutics, molecular helminthology

Cryptosporidium genomics

  • Donna Akiyoshi

    Donna Akiyoshi
    Molecular Genetics, Microbial Pathogenesis

Dermatopathology, genetic susceptibility to disease, immune-mediated skin conditions, ectoparasites, demodicosis, leishmaniasis, cutaneous microbioma

  • Lluis Ferrer

    Lluis Ferrer