Alphabetical List of Faculty
Name Dept Email Phone Specialty
Amanda Abelson Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Emergency & Critical Care/Anesthesia
Donna Akiyoshi Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7935 Molecular Genetics, Microbial Pathogenesis
Janetrix Hellen Amuguni Infectious Disease and Global Health
M. Sawkat Anwer Biomedical Sciences 508-839-8788 Liver Disease
Sandra Ayres Biomedical Sciences 508-839-7956 x84605 Goat Reproduction, Transgenics, Cloning, Theriogenology
Jonathan M Babyak Clinical Sciences (508) 832-5050 Emergency and Critical Care
Julie A Bailey Shelter Medicine
Perry J. Bain Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4544 Pathology
Lisa G. Barber Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Oncology, Chemotherapy
Gillian Beamer Biomedical Sciences,Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7901 x8-7901
Daniela Bedenice Clinical Sciences 508-839-7926 Respiratory Physiology, Large Animal Medicine
Jerold Bell Clinical Sciences 860-749-8348 Clinical Genetics
R. John Berg Clinical Sciences 508-839-7960 x84847 Soft Tissue Surgery
Cheryl Blaze Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84249 Anesthesia
Stephanie Borns-Weil Clinical Sciences Animal Behavior
Randy J. Boudrieau Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Orthopedic Surgery
Robert Bridges Biomedical Sciences 508-839-7985 Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
Roderick T. Bronson Biomedical Sciences 617-432-2409 Pathology, Markers of Aging
David W. Brown Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4586 Retroviruses, Immunology, Molecular Diagnostics
Kirstin Bubeck Clinical Sciences (508) 839-7926 Large Animal Surgery and Sports Medicine
Kristine E Burgess Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84251 Oncology
Elizabeth McCone Byrnes Biomedical Sciences 508-839-7970 Neuroscience
Kate Chope Clinical Sciences 508-839-7926 Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging
Lilian Cornejo Clinical Sciences Internal Medicine
Susan Cotter Clinical Sciences Hematology, Oncology
Sarah K. Crain Clinical Sciences (508) 887-4589 Small Animal Internal Medicine
Suzanne Cunningham Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84251 Cardiology
Akram Da'darah Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4579 Infectious Diseases
Armelle M. de Laforcade Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84415 Emergency Medicine & Critical Care, Coagulation
Nicholas H. Dodman Clinical Sciences 508-887-4661 Behavioral Pharmacology, Animal Behavior
Arthur Donohue-Rolfe Biomedical Sciences 508-839-7919
Julie Ellis Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4933 Ecology of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Antibiotic Resistance in Wildlife
Ivan Craig Embree Environmental and Population Health 860-974-2780 Dairy Production & Management
Larry Engelking Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4776
Dominik Faissler Clinical Sciences 508-887-4696 x88758 Neurology and Neurosurgery
Claire L. Fellman Clinical Sciences (508) 839-5395 Internal Medicine (Small Animal) / Clinical Pharmacology
Stanley G. Fenwick Infectious Disease and Global Health (508) 839-7949
Lluis Ferrer Clinical Sciences 508-887-4419 Dermatology
Nicholas Frank Clinical Sciences 508-887-4615 Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Obesity, and Laminitis
Lisa Freeman Clinical Sciences 508-887-4696 Clinical Nutrition, Human-Animal Interaction, Cachexia
Jose M Garcia-Lopez Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84295 Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery
Rachael Gately Environmental and Population Health (860) 974-2578
Juliet Gladden Clinical Sciences 508-877-7934 x87934 Emergency & Critical Care
Carlos M Gradil 508-839-5395 Theriogenology
Jennifer L Grady Clinical Sciences (508) 751-7670 Shelter Medicine
Jennifer Graham Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Zoological Companion Animal Medicine
Alisha M Gruntman Clinical Sciences Large Animal Internal Medicine
Shelley Hahn Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4848 x84848 Pathology
Jack Hawkes Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4674 Plastination
Cailin R. Heinze Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Nutrition
Andrew M. Hoffman Clinical Sciences 508-887-4589 Internal Medicine, Respiratory Physiology, Regenerative Medicine
John P. Hurley Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4353
Richard M. Jakowski Biomedical Sciences (508)-839-8788 Anatomic Pathology
Thomas M. Jenei Clinical Sciences 508-839-7926 Large Animal Surgery
Samuel H Jennings Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4971 Respiratory Pathology
Alicia Z. Karas Clinical Sciences 508-887-4638 Anesthesia, Pain Medicine, Animal Welfare
William Mike Karlin Clinical Sciences Orthopedic Surgery
Michele A. Keyerleber Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Oncology
Ryan King Clinical Sciences 508-839-7941 Diagnostic Imaging
Carl A. Kirker-Head Clinical Sciences 508-839-7926 Orthopedic and Large Animal Surgery, Bone Regrowth and Remodeling
S. Emi Knafo Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84661 Chelonian medicine and surgery, avian orthopedics and wound healing, surgery and endoscopy of all exotic species
Joyce S. Knoll Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4558 Hematology, Cytology, Clinical Endocrinology, Clinical Pathology
Deborah T. Kochevar Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4700 Pharmacology
Michael P Kowaleski Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Clinical Orthopedics
Raymond K. Kudej Clinical Sciences 508-839-7960 Clinical Soft Tissue Surgery, Ischemia Tolerance
M.S. Amarendhra Kumar Biomedical Sciences 508-839-7967 Peptidergic Neurons
Mary Labato Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Nephrology, Urology, Small Animal Medicine
Sangun Lee Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4564 x84564 Infectious Disease
David Lee-Parritz Environmental and Population Health Director, Laboratory Animal Medicine Service
Kevin A. Lindell Environmental and Population Health 860-974-2780 Bovine Embryo Transfer, Zoonotic Disease
Deborah E Linder Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 ext. 84696 Clinical Nutrition, Obesity Clinic
Cheryl London Clinical Sciences
Orla Mahony Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Endocrinology
Phyllis Mann Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4911 Neuroendocrinology
Jeffrey Mariner Infectious Disease and Global Health Public Health and Community Medicine
David J. Matsas Environmental and Population Health Large Animal Reproduction, Embryo Transfer
Melissa Mazan Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84545 Internal Medicine, Equine Respiratory System, Lung Function
Robert McCarthy Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Clinical Orthopedics and Soft Tissue Surgery
Emily McCobb Clinical Sciences 508-887-4570 Anesthesia, Pain Medicine
Megan Kiely Mueller Clinical Sciences 508-839-7991 Human-animal Interaction
Jean Mukherjee Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4756 x84756 Microbiology, Parasitology, Animal Models, Antibody-Based Therapeutics
Maureen Murray Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7918 Wildlife Medicine
Benjamin C Nephew Biomedical Sciences 508-839-7940 Maternal Behavior Disorders
Felicia B Nutter Infectious Disease and Global Health
Elizabeth O'Neil Biomedical Sciences Pathology
Trisha Oura Clinical Sciences Diagnostic Imaging
Mary Rose Paradis Clinical Sciences 508-887-4661 Internal Medicine, Equine Neonatal Care, Equine Geriatric Care
April L Paul Shelter Medicine
Dominique G. Penninck Clinical Sciences 508-839-7941 Ultrasonography, Diagnostic Imaging, Radiology
Stefano Pizzirani Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Ophthalmology
Mark Pokras Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7918 Wildlife Health, Birds, Reptiles
Stephanie A Pumphrey Clinical Sciences Ophthalmology
Virginia T Rentko Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84683 Hematology
Alison H Robbins Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4812 Zoonotic Diseases, Disease Control in Free-Ranging Wildlife, Conservation Medicine
Nicholas Robinson Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4416 Anatomic Pathology
Arlin B. Rogers Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4805 Director of Tufts Discovery Pathology
Marieke H Rosenbaum Infectious Disease and Global Health 508.887.4344 xX84344 Public Health, Global Health, Community Health, Epidemiology, Zoonotic Disease
Linda Ross Clinical Sciences 508-887-4661 Nephrology, Treatment of Renal Failure
Steven L. Rowell Biomedical Sciences 508-668-5454
Elizabeth A. Rozanski Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Respiratory Disease, Hematology, Emergency & Critical Care
Jonathan A. Runstadler Infectious Disease and Global Health (508) 887-4552
John E. Rush Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Nutritional Management of Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiology, Critical Care
Allen T Rutberg Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4769 Fertility Control for Wildlife, Urban Wildlife Conflict
Diafuka Saila-Ngita Infectious Disease and Global Health
Alfredo Sanchez Environmental and Population Health 860-974-2780 Equine Respiratory Diseases (IAD, EIPH, RAO)
George Saperstein Environmental and Population Health 508-839-8725
Amy F. Sato Clinical Sciences 508-839-7941 x84235 Diagnostic Imaging
Christopher M. Schonhoff Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4357 Signaling by Nitric Oxide
Abhineet Sheoran Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7939 Immunology, Enteric Infections, Host Response, Immunotherapy, Vaccine Development
Charles Shoemaker Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4324 Development and application of therapeutic biomolecules, novel antitoxin therapeutics, molecular helminthology
Patrick Skelly Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4348 Parasitology, Molecular & Cellular Helminthology
Mauricio Solano Clinical Sciences 508-839-7941 Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine
Michael S. Stone Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Internal Medicine, Small Animal Medicine
James Sutherland-Smith Clinical Sciences 508-839-4652 Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging
Sam R. Telford III Infectious Disease and Global Health Vector-Borne Infections, Public Health
Wade A. Tenney Clinical Sciences 508-887-4336 Large Animal Ultrasonography
Florina S. Tseng Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7918 Wildlife Medicine and Surgery, Seabird Biology, Oil Spill Response
Saul Tzipori Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7955 Infectious Disease, Enteric Infections and Host Response
Ane Uriarte Clinical Sciences 508 887 4851 x84851 Neurology, Neurosurgery
Fair Vassoler Biomedical Sciences (508) 887-4256 x84256 Neuroscience, addiction, transgenerational epigenetic models
Angeline E. Warner Environmental and Population Health 508-887-4200 Respiratory Pathophysiology, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Annie Shea Wayne Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Emergency & Critical Care
Cynthia R. L. Webster Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Associate Chair; Small Animal Medicine
Lois Wetmore Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Anesthesia, Pain Pharmacogenetics
Eugene C. White Environmental and Population Health 860-974-2780 Bovine Mastitis, Sustainable Agriculture, Large Animal Medicine
Christopher A Whittier Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4861 Conservation Medicine
Giovanni F. Widmer Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7944 Molecular Biology of Protozoan Parasites, Microbial Pathogenesis
Julia G Wilkinson Environmental and Population Health 860-974-2780
Gregory M Wolfus Clinical Sciences N/A Worcester Technical High School
Vicky K. Yang Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x88755 Cardiology, Regenerative Medicine