Alphabetical List of Faculty
Name Dept Email Phone Specialty
Amanda Abelson Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Emergency & Critical Care/Anesthesia
Donna Akiyoshi Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7935 Molecular Genetics, Microbial Pathogenesis
Janetrix Hellen Amuguni Infectious Disease and Global Health Infectious Diseases
M. Sawkat Anwer Biomedical Sciences 508-839-8788 Liver Disease
Sandra Ayres Biomedical Sciences 508-839-7956 x84605 Goat Reproduction, Transgenics, Cloning, Theriogenology
Jonathan M Babyak Clinical Sciences (508) 832-5050 Emergency and Critical Care
Julie A Bailey Shelter Medicine
Perry J. Bain Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4544 Pathology
Lisa G. Barber Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Oncology, Chemotherapy
Gillian Beamer Biomedical Sciences,Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7901 x8-7901 Pathology
Daniela Bedenice Clinical Sciences 508-839-7926 Respiratory Physiology, Large Animal Medicine
Jerold Bell Clinical Sciences 860-749-8348 Clinical Genetics
R. John Berg Clinical Sciences 508-839-7960 x84847 Soft Tissue Surgery
Cheryl Blaze Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84249 Anesthesia
Stephanie Borns-Weil Clinical Sciences Animal Behavior
Randy J. Boudrieau Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Orthopedic Surgery
Robert Bridges Biomedical Sciences 508-839-7985 Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
Roderick T. Bronson Biomedical Sciences 617-432-2409 Pathology, Markers of Aging
David W. Brown Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4586 Retroviruses, Immunology, Molecular Diagnostics
Kirstin Bubeck Clinical Sciences (508) 839-7926 Large Animal Surgery and Sports Medicine
Kristine E Burgess Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84251 Oncology
Elizabeth McCone Byrnes Biomedical Sciences 508-839-7970 Neuroscience
Kate Chope Clinical Sciences 508-839-7926 Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging
Lilian Cornejo Clinical Sciences Internal Medicine
Susan Cotter Clinical Sciences Hematology, Oncology
Sarah K. Crain Clinical Sciences (508) 887-4589 Small Animal Internal Medicine
Suzanne Cunningham Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84251 Cardiology
Akram Da'darah Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4579 Infectious Diseases
Armelle M. de Laforcade Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84415 Emergency Medicine & Critical Care, Coagulation
Nicholas H. Dodman Clinical Sciences 508-887-4661 Emeritus
Arthur Donohue-Rolfe Biomedical Sciences 508-839-7919 Associate Professor Emeritus
Julie Ellis Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4933 Ecology of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Antibiotic Resistance in Wildlife
Ivan Craig Embree Environmental and Population Health 860-974-2780 Dairy Production & Management
Larry Engelking Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4776 Professor Emeritus
Dominik Faissler Clinical Sciences 508-887-4696 x88758 Neurology and Neurosurgery
Claire L. Fellman Clinical Sciences (508) 839-5395 Internal Medicine (Small Animal) / Clinical Pharmacology
Stanley G. Fenwick Infectious Disease and Global Health (508) 839-7949
Lluis Ferrer Clinical Sciences 508-887-4419 Dermatology
Nicholas Frank Clinical Sciences 508-887-4615 Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Obesity, and Laminitis
Lisa Freeman Clinical Sciences 508-887-4696 Clinical Nutrition, Human-Animal Interaction, Cachexia
Jose M Garcia-Lopez Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84295 Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery
Rachael Gately Environmental and Population Health (860) 974-2578 Small Ruminant Medicine, Surgery and Reproductive Technologies, Dairy Herd Health
Juliet Gladden Clinical Sciences 508-877-7934 x87934 Emergency & Critical Care
Carlos M Gradil 508-839-5395 Theriogenology
Jennifer L Grady Clinical Sciences (508) 751-7670 Shelter Medicine
Jennifer Graham Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Zoological Companion Animal Medicine
Alisha M Gruntman Clinical Sciences Large Animal Internal Medicine
Jack Hawkes Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4674 Plastination
Cailin R. Heinze Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Nutrition
David M Hernke Environmental and Population Health (860) 974-2780 Dairy Production Medicine, General Surgery
Andrew M. Hoffman Clinical Sciences 508-887-4589 Internal Medicine, Respiratory Physiology, Regenerative Medicine
Richard M. Jakowski Biomedical Sciences (508)-839-8788 Associate Professor Emeritus
Thomas M. Jenei Clinical Sciences 508-839-7926 Large Animal Surgery
Samuel H Jennings Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4971 Respiratory Pathology
Alicia Z. Karas Clinical Sciences 508-887-4638 Anesthesia, Pain Medicine, Animal Welfare
W. Michael Karlin Clinical Sciences Orthopedic Surgery
Michele A. Keyerleber Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Oncology
Erin E. King Environmental and Population Health 860-974-2780 Dairy Production Medicine, Farm Animal Welfare
Ryan King Clinical Sciences 508-839-7941 Diagnostic Imaging
Carl A. Kirker-Head Clinical Sciences 508-839-7926 Orthopedic and Large Animal Surgery, Bone Regrowth and Remodeling
S. Emi Knafo Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Zoological Medicine
Joyce S. Knoll Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4558 Hematology, Cytology, Clinical Endocrinology, Clinical Pathology
Deborah T. Kochevar Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4700 Pharmacology
Michael P Kowaleski Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Clinical Orthopedics
Raymond K. Kudej Clinical Sciences 508-839-7960 Clinical Soft Tissue Surgery, Ischemia Tolerance
M.S. Amarendhra Kumar Biomedical Sciences 508-839-7967 Peptidergic Neurons
Mary Labato Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Nephrology, Urology, Small Animal Medicine
Sangun Lee Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4564 x84564 Infectious Disease
David Lee-Parritz Environmental and Population Health 508-887-4511 x84511 Laboratory Animal Medicine
Kevin A. Lindell Environmental and Population Health 860-974-2780 Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Dairy Herd Health
Deborah E Linder Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 ext. 84696 Clinical Nutrition, Obesity Clinic
Cheryl London Clinical Sciences Oncology
Orla Mahony Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Endocrinology
Sean B Majoy Clinical Sciences (508) 839-5702 Emergency and Critical Care
Phyllis Mann Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4911 Neuroendocrinology
Jeffrey Mariner Infectious Disease and Global Health Public Health and Community Medicine
David J. Matsas Environmental and Population Health 860-974-2780 Large Animal Medicine and Theriogenology
Melissa Mazan Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84545 Internal Medicine, Equine Respiratory System, Lung Function
Robert McCarthy Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Clinical Orthopedics and Soft Tissue Surgery
Emily McCobb Clinical Sciences 508-887-4570 Anesthesia, Pain Medicine
Megan Kiely Mueller Clinical Sciences 508-839-7991 Human-animal Interaction
Jean Mukherjee Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4756 x84756 Microbiology, Parasitology, Animal Models, Antibody-Based Therapeutics
Maureen Murray Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7918 Wildlife Medicine
Benjamin C Nephew Biomedical Sciences 508-839-7940 Maternal Behavior Disorders
Felicia B Nutter Infectious Disease and Global Health
Elizabeth O'Neil Biomedical Sciences Pathology
Trisha Oura Clinical Sciences Diagnostic Imaging
Mary Rose Paradis Clinical Sciences 508-887-4661 Internal Medicine, Equine Neonatal Care, Equine Geriatric Care
April L Paul Shelter Medicine
Dominique G. Penninck Clinical Sciences 508-839-7941 Ultrasonography, Diagnostic Imaging, Radiology
Lindsay B Philips Environmental and Population Health (603) 252-9543 Farm Animal Welfare
Stefano Pizzirani Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Ophthalmology
Mark Pokras Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7918 Wildlife Health, Birds, Reptiles
Stephanie A Pumphrey Clinical Sciences Ophthalmology
Virginia T Rentko Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x84683 Hematology
Alison H Robbins Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4812 Zoonotic Diseases, Disease Control in Free-Ranging Wildlife, Conservation Medicine
Nicholas Robinson Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4416 Anatomic Pathology
Marieke H Rosenbaum Infectious Disease and Global Health 508.887.4344 xX84344 Public Health, Global Health, Community Health, Epidemiology, Zoonotic Disease
Linda Ross Clinical Sciences 508-887-4661 Nephrology, Treatment of Renal Failure
Steven L. Rowell Biomedical Sciences 508-668-5454 Assistant Professor Emeritus
Elizabeth A. Rozanski Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Respiratory Disease, Hematology, Emergency & Critical Care
Jonathan A. Runstadler Infectious Disease and Global Health (508) 887-4552
John E. Rush Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Nutritional Management of Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiology, Critical Care
Allen T Rutberg Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4769 Fertility Control for Wildlife, Urban Wildlife Conflict
Diafuka Saila-Ngita Infectious Disease and Global Health
Alfredo Sanchez Environmental and Population Health 860-974-2780 Equine Respiratory Diseases (IAD, EIPH, RAO)
George Saperstein Environmental and Population Health 508-839-8725 Professor Emeritus
Amy F. Sato Clinical Sciences 508-839-7941 x84235 Diagnostic Imaging
Christopher M. Schonhoff Biomedical Sciences 508-887-4357 Signaling by Nitric Oxide
Leslie C Sharkey Clinical Sciences (508) 887-4355 (84355)
Abhineet Sheoran Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7939 Immunology, Enteric Infections, Host Response, Immunotherapy, Vaccine Development
Charles Shoemaker Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4324 Development and application of therapeutic biomolecules, novel antitoxin therapeutics, molecular helminthology
Patrick Skelly Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4348 Parasitology, Molecular & Cellular Helminthology
Mauricio Solano Clinical Sciences 508-839-7941 Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Medicine
Michael S. Stone Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Internal Medicine, Small Animal Medicine
James Sutherland-Smith Clinical Sciences 508-839-4652 Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging
Sam R. Telford III Infectious Disease and Global Health Vector-Borne Infections, Public Health
Wade A. Tenney Clinical Sciences 508-887-4336 Large Animal Ultrasonography
Florina S. Tseng Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7918 Wildlife Medicine and Surgery, Seabird Biology, Oil Spill Response
Saul Tzipori Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7955 Infectious Disease, Enteric Infections and Host Response
Ane Uriarte Clinical Sciences 508 887 4851 x84851 Neurology, Neurosurgery
Fair Vassoler Biomedical Sciences (508) 887-4256 x84256 Neuroscience, addiction, transgenerational epigenetic models
Angeline E. Warner Environmental and Population Health 508-887-4202 Respiratory Pathophysiology, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Annie Shea Wayne Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Emergency & Critical Care
Cynthia R. L. Webster Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Associate Chair; Small Animal Medicine
Lois Wetmore Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 Anesthesia, Pain Pharmacogenetics
Eugene C. White Environmental and Population Health 860-974-2780 Dairy Production Medicine Advanced Reproductive Technologies - Bovine
Christopher A Whittier Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-887-4861 Conservation Medicine
Giovanni F. Widmer Infectious Disease and Global Health 508-839-7944 Molecular Biology of Protozoan Parasites, Microbial Pathogenesis
Julia G Wilkinson Environmental and Population Health 860-974-2780 Equine and Small Ruminant Medicine and Surgery
Gregory M Wolfus Clinical Sciences N/A Worcester Technical High School
Vicky K. Yang Clinical Sciences 508-839-5395 x88755 Cardiology, Regenerative Medicine