Sandra Ayres

Sandra Ayres
Assistant Professor
Goat Reproduction, Transgenics, Cloning, Theriogenology
Section of Neuroscience and Reproductive Biology

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Education & Certification


  • DVM with Thesis - Tufts University - 1993
  • MA - Duke University - 1973
  • BS - Duke University - 1971

Board Certification

  • American College of Theriogenologists, 1999
Recent Publications

Superovulation in goats during the second follicular wave, with or without exogenous progesterone

Author(s):Ayres, S.L. | Gavin, W. | Memili, E. | Behboodi, E.
Publication year: 2012
Journal / Book title: Small Ruminant Research

Non-viral transfection of goat germline stem cells by nucleofection results in production of transgenic sperm after germ cell transplantation

Author(s):Zeng, W. | Tang, L. | Bondareva, A. | Luo, J. | Megee, S.O. | Modelski, M. | Blash, S. | Melican, D.T. | Destrempes, M.M. | Overton, S.A. | Gavin, W.G. | Ayres, S. | Echelard, Y. | Dobrinski, I.
Publication year: 2012
Journal / Book title: Molecular Reproduction and Development

Surgical management of the goat

Author(s):Cunneen, M. | Ayres, S.
Publication year: 2011
Journal / Book title: Lab Animal

Induction of HIV-1 MPR649-684-specific IgA and IgG antibodies in caprine colostrum using a peptide-based vaccine

Author(s):Dorosko, S.M. | Ayres, S.L. | Connor, R.I.
Publication year: 2008
Journal / Book title: Vaccine

Adeno-associated virus (AAV)-mediated transduction of male germ line stem cells results in transgene transmission after germ cell transplantation

Author(s):Honaramooz, A. | Megee, S. | Zeng, W. | Destrempes, M.M. | Overton, S.A. | Luo, J. | Galantino-Homer, H. | Modelski, M. | Chen, F. | Blash, S. | Melican, D.T. | Gavin, W.G. | Ayres, S. | Yang, F. | Wang, P.J. | Echelard, Y. | Dobrinski, I.
Publication year: 2008
Journal / Book title: FASEB Journal

Reproductive Health Program

Author(s):Ayres, S.L.
Publication year: 2006
Journal / Book title: Current Therapy in Large Animal Theriogenology: Second Edition

Depletion of endogenous germ cells in male pigs and goats in preparation for germ cell transplantation

Author(s):Honaramooz, A. | Behboodi, E. | Hausler, C.L. | Blash, S. | Ayres, S. | Azuma, C. | Echelard, Y. | Dobrinski, I.
Publication year: 2005
Journal / Book title: Journal of Andrology

Health and reproductive profiles of malaria antigen-producing transgenic goats derived by somatic cell nuclear transfer

Author(s):Behboodi, E. | Ayres, S.L. | Memili, E. | O'Coin, M. | Chen, L.H. | Reggio, B.C. | Landry, A.M. | Gavin, W.G. | Meade, H.M. | Godke, R.A. | Echelard, Y.
Publication year: 2005
Journal / Book title: Cloning and Stem Cells

Predicting the onset of parturition in the goat by determining progesterone levels by enzyme immunoassay

Author(s):Singer, L.A. | Kumar, M.S.A. | Gavin, W. | Ayres, S.L.
Publication year: 2004
Journal / Book title: Small Ruminant Research

Regional distribution of gonadotropin-releasing hormone-like, ╬▓-endorphin-like, and methionine-enkephalin-like immunoreactivities in the central nervous system of the goat

Author(s):Karuri, A.R. | Ayres, S. | Kumar, M.S.A.
Publication year: 2000
Journal / Book title: Brain Research Bulletin

Production of goats by somatic cell nuclear transfer

Author(s):Baguisi, A. | Behboodi, E. | Melican, D.T. | Pollock, J.S. | Destrempes, M.M. | Cammuso, C. | Williams, J.L. | Nims, S.D. | Porter, C.A. | Midura, P. | Palacios, M.J. | Ayres, S.L. | Denniston, R.S. | Hayes, M.L. | Ziomek, C.A. | Meade, H.M. | Godke, R.A. | Gavin, W.G. | Overstr├Âm, E.W. | Echelard, Y.
Publication year: 1999
Journal / Book title: Nature Biotechnology

Induction of human tissue plasminogen activator in the mammary gland of transgenic goats

Author(s):Ebert, K.M. | DiTullio, P. | Barry, C.A. | Schindler, J.E. | Ayres, S.L. | Smith, T.E. | Pellerin, L.J. | Meade, H.M. | Denman, J. | Roberts, B.
Publication year: 1994
Journal / Book title: Nature Biotechnology

Research & Teaching

General Research Interests

  • Caprine Reproduction: Advanced reproductive techniques, particularly in relationship to transgenics and cloning.

Selected Research Projects

  • Production of Cloned Goats
  • Superovulation in Goats without the Use of Exogenous Progesterone
  • Use of a Vital Fluorescent Stain to Detect Apoptosis in Oocytes and Embryos
  • Development of a Short Progesterone Protocol for Superovulation in Goats

Research Interests by Area

Reproductive Biology and Neuroscience
  • Refinement of oocyte collection in the goat
Additional Information

Major Specialized Equipment

  • Fluorescence microscope
  • Microinjection microscope