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Rafael Senos - DVM, MSc, DSc

Rafael Senos
Assistant Professor, Veterinary Anatomy
Veterinary Morphology, Experimental Orthopedics
Section of Anatomy


  • DSc – Universidade de Sao Paulo, 2014
  • MSc – Universidade de Sao Paulo, 2010
  • DVM – Universidade Federal Fluminense, 2008


  1. Senos, R.; Roberto-Rodrigues, M.; Fernandes, R.M.P.; Santos, T.M.P.; Pereira Viana, L.; Lima, I.; Guzman-Silva, M.A.; Gomes, M.S.; Rici, R.E.G.; Kfoury Júnior, J.R. Nandrolone decanoate in induced fracture nonunion with vascular deficit in rat model: morphological aspects Musculoskeletal Surgery, 2019 doi: 10.1007/s12306-019-00621-2
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  3. Senos, R.; RIBEIRO, M. S.; BENEDICTO, H. G.; KFOURY JÚNIOR, J. R. Lumbosacral plexus in Brazilian Common Opossum. Folia Morphologica, v.75, p.300 - 305, 2016. doi: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0131
  4. Senos, R.; RIBEIRO, M. S.; MARTINS, K. DE SOUZA; PEREIRA, L. V.; MATTOS, M. F.; KFOURY JÚNIOR, J. R.; RODRIGUES, M. R. Acceptance of the bodypainting as supportive method to learn the surface locomotor apparatus anatomy of the horse. Folia Morphologica, v.74, p.503 - 507, 2015. doi: 10.5603/FM.2015.0023
  5. ROBERTO-RODRIGUES, M.; FERNANDES, R. M. P.; Senos, R.; Scoralick, A; Bastos, A.; SANTOS, T.M.P.; Viana, L.P.; LIMA, I.; GUZMAN-SILVA, M.A.; KFOURY JÚNIOR, J.R. Novel rat model of nonunion fracture with vascular deficit. Injury, p.649 - 654, 2015. doi: 10.1016/j.injury.2015.01.033
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  9. VAZQUEZ, N.; Senos R.; PEREZ, W. Anatomy of the Gross Intestine of the Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris). American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, v.7, p.92 - 95, 2012. doi: 10.3844/ajavsp.2012.92.95

General Research Interests

  • Experimental orthopedics
  • Veterinary anatomical education
  • Morphological description of laboratory and wild animals

Selected Research Projects

  • Enhancing bone regeneration in fracture nonunions
  • Supportive methods in veterinary anatomical science education
  • Descriptive morphology of non-domestic animals


DVM Program

  • Anatomy I
  • Anatomy II

Major Specialized Equipment

  1. Microcomputed tomography
  2. Faxitron
  3. Plastination techniques