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Patrick Skelly

Patrick Skelly
Professor and Associate Chair
Parasitology, Molecular & Cellular Helminthology

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Patrick J. Skelly, PhD, Professor, jointly runs the Molecular Helminthology Laboratory at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine with Professor Charles B. Shoemaker. A major focus of the laboratory is using newer molecular technologies, notably RNAi, to study helminth molecular and cell biology. Before coming to Tufts, Patrick was on the faculty at the Harvard School of Public Health. He received his PhD in Biochemistry in 1986 at the Australian National University from his work on the cuticle of the ectoparasite, Lucilia cuprina. Patrick is a past president of the New England Association of Parasitologists and is a member of the Ashton Cuckler New Investigator Committee of the American Society of Parasitologists.


  • PhD - Australian National University, Canberra, Australia - 1986
  • BS - University College Dublin, Ireland - 1981
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General Research Interests

  • Parasitology, molecular and cellular helminthology

Selected Research Projects

  1. Gene silencing in schistosomes using RNA interference (RNAi): This research project is designed to provide a simple, powerful and widely applicable protocol for suppressing gene expression in parasitic platyhelminths (schistosomes) using RNAi and thereby to facilitate functional schistosome genomics.
  2. Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Schistosome Surface: This project is designed to identify and characterize host-interactive parasite surface molecules with a view to testing them as vaccine candidates.


DVM Curriculum

  • Veterinary Molecular Biology (VET 112), Course Director
  • Immunology (VET 109)
  • General Parasitology (VET 203)
  • Microbial Pathogenesis (VET 201)

PhD and Master’s Degree Curriculum

  • Parasite Biology (VET 652), Course Director
  • Conservation Medicine: Field and Laboratory Techniques (VET 582)

Research Interests by Area

Infectious Diseases: Prevention and Control
  • Vaccine against Schistosoma mansoni; new drugs to treat schistosomiasis
Infectious Diseases: Pathogenesis/Host Response
  • Helminth host/parasite interface and interaction

Laboratory Personnel

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