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Nicholas Robinson - BVSc (Hons), PhD, MACVSc,DACVP

Nicholas Robinson
Interim Department Chair, Associate Professor
Head, Section of Pathology

Campus Phone:


  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science (DVM equivalent) – University of Queensland, Australia, 2001
  • PhD – Monash University, Australia, 2009

Board Certification

  • American College of Veterinary Pathologists (Anatomic Pathology)
  • Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (Anatomic and Clinical Pathology)

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Robinson NA and Meeusen ENT Postgraduate degrees: increase in opportunities for veterinarians in the 21st century. Aust Vet J 2008, 86(9) N11

General Research Interests

  • Endocrine pathophysiology
  • Cardiology (cardiovascular pathology)
  • Cardiovascular histology
  • Pathology rotation

Research and Clinical Interests

  • Diagnostic Pathology
  • Cardiovascular Pathology
  • Research/Medical Device/Regulatory Pathology