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Larry Engelking

Larry Engelking
Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus
Molecular Physiology and Pharmacology

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  • PhD - Kansas State University
  • MS - Idaho State University
  • BS - Idaho State University
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General Research Interests

Although no longer actively engaged in research, Dr. Engelking's past research studies and writings have focused on a broad spectrum of both human and animal hepatic physiological control mechanisms. Included have been investigations of both exogenous and endogenous solute transport across liver cells, mechanisms of equine fasting hyperbilirubinemia, bile acid clearance and pool size studies in human patients with liver disease, effects of volatile anesthestics on equine liver function, comparative pharmacokinetics of lipophilic drugs in horses and humans, and enterohepatic cycling of drugs in ponies.


  • Lecturer and Director of the Physiological Chemistry course (VET 102) for first year veterinary students.
  • Lecturer and Director of the Physiology course (VET 110) for first year veterinary students.