Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
Joyce S. Knoll

Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Hematology, Cytology, Clinical Endocrinology, Clinical Pathology
Clinical Pathology Laboratory Director

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  • VMD - University of PA - 1984
  • PhD - University of PA - 1987

Board Certification

  • ACVP (Clinical Pathology Specialty)
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General Research Interests

I am interested in veterinary hematology, cytology and clinical endocrinology. Previous investigations focused on clinical application and validation of diagnostic tests and/or instrumentation for use with veterinary specimens. I played a role in validation of an ACTH assay for diagnosis of hyperadrenocorticism in horses and ponies. I have also evaluated several automated hematology instruments and some automated hormone assays using a chemiluminescent based system. More recently I have been focused on development of innovative teaching techniques.

Major Specialized Equipment

  • Cobas c501 (Roche)
  • Advia 120 Hematology Analyzer
  • Start4 Coagulation Analyzer

Laboratory Personnel

  • Cheryl Stockman, Laboratory Supervisor
  • Tammi Frank, Medical Technologist
  • Ann Blasotto, Medical Technologist
  • Beth Underwood, Medical Technologist
  • Dianne Noyes, Medical Technologist
  • Christine St. Cyr, Medical Technologist

Specialized Capabilities or Interests

  • Hematology, Cytology, and Urinalysis
  • Continuing Education (Laboratory and on-line courses)
  • Veterinary Clinical Chemistry