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Jonathan A. Runstadler - DVM, PhD

Jonathan A. Runstadler
Virology, Immunogenetics, Disease Ecology

Campus Phone:
(508) 887-4552

(508) 839-7911


PhD – University of California, Davis, 2003

DVM – University of California, Davis, 1999

MS – University of New Hampshire, 1992

BS – Stanford University, 1989

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General Research Interests

  • Virology, emerging infectious disease, and disease ecology
  • Comparative genetics, immunogenetics, and genetic mechanisms of infectious disease and health
  • Comparative medicine, evolution of immune function, and host/pathogen interaction
  • Veterinary and human public health
  • Veterinary immunology and virology
  • Genetic diversity

Selected Research Projects

  • Influenza virus


  • Virology