Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
Elizabeth A. Rozanski

Associate Professor

Respiratory Disease, Hematology, Emergency & Critical Care

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  • DVM - University of Illinois - 1992

Board Certification

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General Research Interests

  • Respiratory disease/ventilation

Selected Research Projects

  • The role of viral infection in airway hyperreactivity, on-going
  • The utility of glargine for DKA in cats (AAFP funded)
  • The utility of sildenafil in canine pulmonary hypertension
  • The utility of CT in diagnosis of pulmonary disease

Research Interests by Area

Spontaneous Animal Disease Models
  • Asthma in cats, pulmonary fibrosis in West Highland terriers

Research Interests by Organ System and Disease

Cardiovascular Diseases and Nutrition
  • Tissue plasminogen activator in cats with ATE; NT-BNP in dogs with DCM, CVD and shortness of breath
Respiratory Diseases
  • Role of viral infection in airway hyper-reactivity, utility of CT in diagnosis of pulmonary disease, long-term effect of respiratory infections on feline lung function.
Emergency and Critical Care
  • Prognostic indicators in emergency medicine. Respiratory disease (asthma) in dogs and cats, transfusion medicine, clinical critical care research

Major Specialized Equipment

  • Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator
  • Buxco Pulmonary Function Computer