David J. Matsas

David J. Matsas
Assistant Professor

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Education & Certification


  • DVM - Purdue University - 1984

Board Certification

  • American College of Theriogenologists
Recent Publications

Comparison of two commercial extenders for cryopreservation of goat semen without sperm washing

Author(s):Roof, D.J. | Bowley, S. | Price, L.L. | Matsas, D.J.
Publication year: 2012
Journal / Book title: Theriogenology

Microstructure analysis of sintered lignite combustion ashes

Author(s):Moutsatsou, A. | Karayannis, V. | Matsas, D. | Katsika, E. | Tsipoura, S.
Publication year: 2008
Journal / Book title: A Global Road Map for Ceramic Materials and Technologies: Forecasting the Future of Ceramics, International Ceramic Federation - 2nd International Congress on Ceramics, ICC 2008, Final Programme

Pregnancy Diagnosis in Goats

Author(s):Matsas, D.
Publication year: 2006
Journal / Book title: Current Therapy in Large Animal Theriogenology: Second Edition

Washing as a remediation technology applicable in soils heavily polluted by mining-metallurgical activities

Author(s):Moutsatsou, A. | Gregou, M. | Matsas, D. | Protonotarios, V.
Publication year: 2006
Journal / Book title: Chemosphere

Use of a water hardness test kit to measure serum calcium concentration in cattle

Author(s):Matsas, D.J. | Warnick, L.D. | Mechor, G.D. | Seib, L.N. | Fatone, S. | White, M.E. | Guard, C.L.
Publication year: 1999
Journal / Book title: Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association

Spontaneous uterine infections are associated with elevated prostaglandin F2α metabolite concentrations in postpartum dairy cows

Author(s):Del Vecchio, R.P. | Matsas, D.J. | Fortin, S. | Sponenberg, D.P. | Lewis, G.S.
Publication year: 1994
Journal / Book title: Theriogenology

Use of an on-farm progesterone test in the clinical management of parturient disorders in three cows

Author(s):Matsas, D.J.
Publication year: 1993
Journal / Book title: Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association

Effect of intrauterine bacterial infusions and subsequent endometritis on prostaglandin F2 alpha metabolite concentrations in postpartum beef cows.

Author(s):Del Vecchio, R.P. | Matsas, D.J. | Inzana, T.J. | Sponenberg, D.P. | Lewis, G.S.
Publication year: 1992
Journal / Book title: Journal of animal science

Evaluation of an on-farm blood progesterone test for predicting the day of parturition in cattle

Author(s):Matsas, D.J. | Nebel, R.L. | Pelzer, K.D.
Publication year: 1992
Journal / Book title: Theriogenology

Effect of large palpable ovarian follicles on response to prostaglandin administration in dairy cows with corpora lutea

Author(s):Weber, M.E. | White, M.E. | Guard, C.L. | Matsas, D.J. | Hatfield, C.E. | Smith, M.C. | Stehman, S.M.
Publication year: 1989
Journal / Book title: Canadian Veterinary Journal

Karyotype analysis of leukocytes of gray collie (cyclic neutropenia)-normal bone marrow transplant chimeras six years after transplantation.

Author(s):Matsas, D.J. | Yang, T.J.
Publication year: 1980
Journal / Book title: American Journal of Veterinary Research

Research & Teaching

General Research Interests

  • Theriogenology
  • Embryo transfer

Selected Research Projects

Collection of embryos and semen from endangered breeds of sheep, goats, cattle, and horses. Privately funded.