Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
Daniela Bedenice

Associate Professor & Residency Director

Respiratory Physiology, Large Animal Medicine

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  • Dr. med. vet. - Free University of Berlin, Germany - 1997

Board Certification

  • Diplomate ACVIM (Large Animal) - 2002
  • Diplomate ACVECC (Equine) - 2005
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General Research Interests

Comparative respiratory physiology and non-invasive pulmonary function testing (equine, canine, camelid). Large animal neonatal and adult critical care. Emerging infectious diseases in camelids.

Selected Research Projects

  • Characterization of immune responses in juvenile alpacas persistently infected with BVDV. Alpaca Research Foundation (ARF).
  • The cardiovascular effects of dobutamine infusion in healthy, adult, anesthetized alpacas. Empire Alpaca Association.
  • The humoral response to EEE vaccination in healthy alpacas. (ARF).
  • Non-invasive measurement of respiratory resistance (Rrs) using two different oscillatory methods in the horse: Comparative study of impulse oscillometry (IOS) and Monofrequency Forced Oscillatory Mechanics (FOM) in the adult horse, pre and post bronchodilation.
  • Non-invasive measurement of airway resistance (Raw) and functional residual capacity (FRC) in conscious sheep and dogs.
  • Respiratory mechanics in awake adult llamas.

Research Interests by Area

Other Areas of Research
  • Humoral response to vaccination
Regenerative Medicine
  • Regenerative medicine in camelids.
Spontaneous Animal Disease Models
  • Respiratory disease in large animals, COPD, parasitic lung disease

Research Interests by Organ System and Disease

Respiratory Diseases
  • Comparative respiratory physiology and non-invasive pulmonary function testing (equine,canine,camelid). Respiratory disease in horses and alpacas, clinical pharmacology

Major Specialized Equipment

Pulmonary Mechanics Data Acquisition System - XA BioSystem ; Whole Body Plethysmograph ; Canine (Head-Out) Plethysmograph; small Canine Whole Body (unrestrained) Plethysmograph (measurement of PENH); inductance plethysmography (Respitrace ) for measurements of abdominal and rib cage ventilation and thoracoabdominal synchrony; Helium and Carbon Monoxide Monitor (Morgan Scientific - measurement of diffusion capacity of CO and helium dilution using rebreathing, steady state, or single breath method); ventilators; Indirect Calorimeter (Vmax, ViaSys) - resting and exercise energy (VO2, VCO2, RQ), Sato High Speed Treadmill for exercise studies in horses, sheep, dogs, etc.; patient monitoring system (Passport II ), Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer; Computed Tomography (Pickard 5000 Spiral CT and densitometry software); video endoscopy/gastroscopy etc. Clinical pathology, pathology, ultrasound and radiology facilities complement the environment.