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Allen T Rutberg

Allen T Rutberg
Research Associate Professor
Fertility Control for Wildlife, Urban Wildlife Conflict

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  • Ph.D. - University of Washington - 1984
  • A.B. - Harvard College - 1976
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General Research Interests

  • Deer and wild horse immunocontraception
  • Suburban deer controversies and population management
  • Wild horse management
  • Ungulate social organization

Research Interests by Area

International, Wildlife and Conservation Medicine
  • Control of wild animal populations using immunocontraceptive vaccines
Neuroscience and Reproductive Biology
  • Advanced Reproductive Techniques and Population Control

    The regulation and control of reproduction in domestic and wild animals is a critical are of One Health, with outcomes impacting humans, animals and the environment. Optimizing methods and technologies that can improve reproductive outcomes and control population growth requires an in depth knowledge of species-specific reproductive physiology. Currently, advanced reproductive techniques (ART) research within the section includes studies investigating the regulation of the estrous cycle in small ruminants in an effort to better understand the hormonal physiology of superovulation and out of season breeding.  Previous studies have applied ART to the production of transgenic and cloned small ruminants. With regard to population control, recent work involves a project aimed at developing novel therapeutics for controlling populations of feral cats and dogs. In addition, two ongoing projects within the section are aimed at assessing and implementing population control of wild horses and white tailed deer. Learn more.