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Adam South

My research spans multiple levels of analysis (from proximate to ultimate) by incorporating in depth observations at different biological scales (from molecular to population level). My approach to research integrates molecular and genetic approaches with elements of animal behavior, ecology, evolution and phylogenetics with the experimental power of model systems to answer fundamental questions about the evolution of reproduction in disease vectors and other insect model systems of significance to humanity. Recently, much of my work has focused on Anopheles mosquitoes, the principal vectors of malaria.  However, I am interested in switching my focus to local mosquito species and other arthropod vectors.


  • BA  – Earlham College, 2001
  • PhD – Tufts University, 2012
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General Research Interests

  • Vector Biology
  • Pathogen-Vector Interactions and Coevolution
  • Sexual Selection


  • Fundamentals of Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology and Evidence Based Medicine
  • Research Skills I – Systematic Review and Analysis
  • Infectious Diseases of Humans and Animals