Michele A. Keyerleber - DVM, DACVR

Dr. Michele Keyerleber is an oncologist at Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. She is a specialist in radiation oncology, and commonly treats tumors in dog, cats, and other species.

Dr. Keyerleber grew up near Cleveland, Ohio, where she enjoyed riding horses, and playing with the family dogs. She attended veterinary school at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, NY. After veterinary school she completed a small animal rotating internship at Ohio State University veterinary school, then returned to Cornell University to complete a residency in radiation oncology.

When she is not at work, Dr. Keyerleber enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, photography, and cheering on her favorite basketball team: Duke University.


  • BS - Duke University - 2004
  • DVM - Cornell University - 2008

Board Certification

  • DACVR (Radiation Oncology)
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Selected Research Projects

  • 3D Conformal Definitive Radiation Therapy for Canine Meningiomas

Research and Clinical Interests

  • Palliative Radiation Therapy
  • Radiation Treatment Planning

Research Interests by Area

Spontaneous Animal Disease Models
  • Lymphoma, osteosarcoma, transitional cell carcinoma, prostatic cancer, hemangiosarcoma, mammary (breast) cancer, squamous cell carcinoma in cats

Research Interests by Organ System and Disease

Oncology and Cancer Research and Clinical Trials
  • Development of radiation treatment protocols for neoplasia in dogs and cats, brain tumors, palliative radiation therapy.

Major Specialized Equipment

  • Siemens Primus Linear Accelerator
  • Strontium-90 Plesiotherapy