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Joyce S. Knoll - VMD, PhD, DACVP

Joyce S. Knoll
Hematology, Cytology, Clinical Endocrinology, Clinical Pathology
Joyce Knoll, VMD, PhD, DAVCP (Clinical Pathology), Interim Department Chair, Associate Professor, and a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathology. She took part in the Veterinary Research Scientist Training program at the University of Pennsylvania, earning her veterinary degree in 1984 and her PhD in 1987. She completed a rotating small animal internship at the Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, in Boston, MA, and then did her clinical pathology residency training at the University of Wisconsin, School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Knoll has been a member of the Cummings faculty for the last 26 years, where she focuses on teaching DVM students in didactic courses and clinical rotations, provides clinical pathology service to the Cummings Veterinary Medical Center, and participates in collaborative research projects revolving around hematology, clinical chemistry, or cytology testing.


  • VMD - University of PA - 1984
  • PhD - University of PA - 1987

Board Certification

  • ACVP (Clinical Pathology Specialty)
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General Research Interests

I am interested in veterinary hematology, cytology and clinical endocrinology. Previous investigations focused on clinical application and validation of diagnostic tests and/or instrumentation for use with veterinary specimens. I played a role in validation of an ACTH assay for diagnosis of hyperadrenocorticism in horses and ponies. I have also evaluated several automated hematology instruments and some automated hormone assays using a chemiluminescent based system. More recently I have been focused on development of innovative teaching techniques.

Major Specialized Equipment

  • Cobas c501 (Roche)
  • Advia 120 Hematology Analyzer
  • Start4 Coagulation Analyzer

Laboratory Personnel

  • Cheryl Stockman, Laboratory Supervisor
  • Tammi Frank, Medical Technologist
  • Ann Blasotto, Medical Technologist
  • Beth Underwood, Medical Technologist
  • Dianne Noyes, Medical Technologist
  • Christine St. Cyr, Medical Technologist

Specialized Capabilities or Interests

  • Hematology, Cytology, and Urinalysis
  • Continuing Education (Laboratory and on-line courses)
  • Veterinary Clinical Chemistry