Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
Elizabeth McNiel





  • PhD (Radiation Biology) - Colorado State University - 2000
  • DVM - Texas A&M University - 1992
  • BS - University of Texas - Austin - 1988

Board Certification

  • ACVIM - Oncology
  • ACVR - Radiation Oncology

NDY1/KDM2B functions as a master regulator of polycomb complexes and controls self-renewal of breast cancer stem cells

Author(s):Kottakis, F. | Foltopoulou, P. | Sanidas, I. | Keller, P. | Wronski, A. | Dake, B.T. | Ezell, S.A. | Shen, Z. | Naber, S.P. | Hinds, P.W. | McNiel, E. | Kuperwasser, C. | Tsichlis, P.N.
Publication year: 2014
Journal / Book title: Cancer Research

Abdominal ultrasonographic findings at diagnosis of osteosarcoma in dogs and association with treatment outcome

Author(s):Sacornrattana, O. | Dervisis, N.G. | Mcniel, E.A.
Publication year: 2013
Journal / Book title: Veterinary and Comparative Oncology

Publication year:
Journal / Book title:

General Research Interests

Cancers occurring in pet animals are common and share morphology, biologic behavior and many molecular features with human cancers. Therefore cancers in pet animals provide a potentially useful means to understand cancers in all species. My roles as a both veterinary clinician and scientist facilitate the combination of molecular and cellular biologic techniques with veterinary clinical investigations. The overarching goals of this research are 1) to improve the ability to prevent, detect, and treat cancer and 2) to develop new animal models for translational cancer research. 

Selected Research Projects

  • Effects of anti-angiogenic therapy in feline oral squamous cell carcinoma.
  • Investigating canine hereditary Gastric carcinoma susceptibility.
  • DNA Mismatch repair in the biology of  bladder cancer.
  • Role of aluminum in feline vaccine-associated carcinogenesis.

Research Interests by Area

Spontaneous Animal Disease Models
  • Lymphoma, osteosarcoma, transitional cell carcinoma, prostatic cancer, hemangiosarcoma, mammary (breast) cancer, squamous cell carcinoma in cats

Research Interests by Organ System and Disease

Oncology and Cancer Research and Clinical Trials
  • Companion animals in translational cancer research, Chromatin Modification in Canine Cancer. Biological mechanisms of cancer; spontaneous animal disease models; radiation oncology.